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Chrome Notepad is a free tool for Chrome browser ideal for taking quick notes and FREE. Nofollow For Chrome I have NoFollow for Chrome installed good for quick page link analysis, it highlights relnofollow links on the fly which I find useful.

Awesome Screenshot Minus I capture screenshots day-to-day and I use this free Google CHROME Add-On called Awesome Screenshot Minus. On my Mac to take a picture of, for instance, small parts of a screen I normally use the keyword command Command-Shift-4 (I don't know how PC users do it) but where this software comes in useful is if I want to take a picture of an entire web page that is too big to fit in your browser window.

 Woorank Woorank is an impressive ' freemium' tool that does offer a lot of quick functionality in the free version.

Cheap Windows xp professional buy fast

I'll add that, as long time Fujitsu user of a variety of their scanners, I scan to pdf without OCR, port to Acrobat Pro and OCR there for a higher level of accuracy. I realize that means you have to own a copy of Acrobat Pro too, but if you are going to shell out the cash for a machine of this quality, you should have pro level software too. ABBYY is excellent but no what is used in commercial shops for a reason, Acrobat is the industry standard.

Fujitsu couldn't license Acrobat cost effectively, so, ABBYY.


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