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Software Name Anime Studio v. Bone Constraints Several major enhancements have been made to Anime Studio's bone features. The new bone constraints feature will include rigging options that will help set up characters that are more complex and powerful. The independent angle constraint allows a bone to maintain its global angle similar to a camera crane and is not affected by inverse kinematics or its bone parents. Ideal uses for bone constraints include robotic arms or feet on characters that maintains constraints when the rest of the leg is moving.

The squash and stretch bone scaling enhancement allows bones to squash and stretch objects. The elbow bending feature helps improve otherwise abnormal bending and squashing issues. New target bones help bones point in the right direction rather than having the need to consistently set angles.

Other improvements in bones include an updated inverse kinematic solver and automatic bone scaling. A panel will appear to create the dial. Once you apply this, your bone name and label will be set, along with your lifetime frames for the action.

All theres left for you to do is start creating! Bounce, Elastic and Stagger Interpolation By applying the Bounce keyframe type to the timeline, any object interpolated will appear to bounce, all within two keyframes. Elastic provides a rubber band effect, making objects spring back and forth before reaching their end point.

Settings can be adjusted for each of these interpolation types to change the amount of times the object bounces, the intensity and more. Stagger creates the effect that the animation is stuttering or staggering between two keyframes. No additional keyframes are created for this effect. This is great if you want to create the effect a character is having issue lifting a heavy object, as an example.

Updated Drawing Tools New tools mean more ways to create and achieve awesome results. The Paint Bucket Tool has been enhanced. Now when you fill in an outline, the created shape will remain independent of the original outline and control points, allowing you to use that outline as a template for future shapes. Additionally, objects no longer have to be weld shut in order to fill them in.

As long as an area is enclosed by lines, it can be filled with the enhanced Paint Bucket Tool. The new Blob Brush Tool allows you to easily create shapes by freehand drawing anything you desire. Upon release of the mouse button, Anime Studio will create an outlined shape for you to further enhance and tweak. The Eraser Tool, a much requested addition to the software, is like the Blob Brush Tool, except now whichever area you paint over will see a removal or shift in points.

This is great for creating gaps or missing pieces in your objects with very little effort. Finally, the new Reduce Points Tool gives you control over how many points an object has. Instead of trying to manually delete points to make an object less complicated, you can use this tool to reduce excess points while retaining the shape of the object.

You can even adjust the tolerance to get the exact results you need! Even if you quit from Anime Studio Pro, the render process continues until the job is completed. Multiple Document Support Anime Studio now allows you to open more than one document at a time, and switch from one to another in a tabbed interface.

Create and save your own keyboard shortcut configurations. Simply hold down the shift key as you click on the shapes you want to select them. Holding in Alt and clicking on an object will deselect it from your group of shapes.

You can even transfer colors to multiple shapes at once using the Eyedropper Tool! GPU Acceleration takes advantage of your computers hard What people are saying about us 9.

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