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Why Choose Home Designer Suite? Automated Building Tools One of the most powerful features in all Home Designer products is accurate automatic building tools consistent with the home building industry. Most home design apps are published by vendors that are not in the housing industry. Home Designer is produced by the creators of Chief Architect; the same software professionals use. Home Designer's Automated Building Tools include: Automatic Roofs Roofs are simple, accurate, and update as you make changes to your design.

Roofs frame accurately for every style. Automatic Ceilings Ceilings generate automatically for each room. Home Designer Suite offers several options for creating cathedral, shed, or vaulted ceilings. Automatic Foundations Foundations automatically generate with footings and update as the main floor plan changes. Automatic Floors Floors and floor platforms generate automatically and include structural components and floor finishes. Floors can easily be raised or lowered. Automatic Framing Home Designer Suite generates accurate framing automatically as you draw.

Cabinets are Smart Objects Cabinets automatically conform to common kitchen and bath standards — e. When you place cabinets in a corner, they automatically become corner cabinets.

Stairs have an auto stairwell tool that produces an opening with railing. Customization of stairs allows you to create a variety of styles and options. There are a wide variety of options and shapes that can easily be customized. Flexible style options for planks, rails, and panels. Generate a complete materials list. You can show reflections, ambient occlusion, and bloom; all of which greatly improve the overall rendering quality.

You can edit in both 3D and 2D simultaneously using a split screen view. See examples in the Home Designer sample gallery. Export 3D Viewer models to the Chief Architect Cloud free and then view on the web, or on your mobile device with virtual reality goggles such as Google Cardboard.

Support Chief Architect Software provides free support. Chief Architect offers many resources to help, including:

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This software, powered by Punch! Software, comes in a DVD and had added answers to commonly asked questions in its printed user guide, plus, the software now contains a tutorial with step-by-step instructions to ensure that even beginners can use the software. The user is also given a choice of various remodeling options with a wide range of built-in templates. This software also allows the user to create beautiful landscape projects to accentuate the home. This feature is complete with slopes and grades, fencing, plants and trees, pools and gazebos.


3D Home Architect Design Suite Deluxe 8

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