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Sahil Bones Gupta Published: October 26, Heck, as a Mac user even I have wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. Virtualization always works on the Mac and frankly there are only two realistic options in this space — Parallels and VMware Fusion. Parallels is considered to be the superior option and the latest version of the Parallels 8 also happens to be completely Windows 8 and MacBook Pro Retina Display compliant. Can there be a better test bed for Parallels Desktop 8? I think not.

Jan 24,  · So far so good, Windows 8 up and running. Then I installed Parallels desktop 8 in the Mac environment. I told it to use the existing boot camp install for Windows. It went ahead and installed and installed the Parallels tools into Windows. Windows now worked in Parallels - except IT WASN'T ACTIVATED!! Parallels leaves these details out of the /5(). Sep 20,  · Parallels Desktop 8 Switch to Mac Edition review and price ~ If you are searching for top recommended Samsung LCD TV, then Parallels Desktop 8 Switch to Mac Edition is my suggestion. Many good reviews already proving the quality of this product. Parallels Desktop 8 Switch to Mac Edition Parallels Desktop 8 Switch to Mac. Buy Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac and get Parallels Toolbox for free!. With the new Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac, you can seamlessly use Windows on your Mac, without rebooting. Students and faculty members can get Parallels for 50% off through OnTheHub!. Only $ USD / year | .

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A Windows installation disc, or other installation media for the operating systems you want to use alongside Mac OS X An Internet connection to download and install freely available operating system such as Ubuntu or Google Chrome. Notes If you're using OS X Lion or later, you can setup a second copy of OS X to be used as a guest operating system alongside your main system, without having to purchase or download another copy of OS X. Salinet Location: Brasil Age: Home User Owned Product: I would recommend this item to a friend!

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