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There are two main ways to go about this: The former involves running a macOS application that allows you to run Windows within, while the latter equips you to reboot your Mac fully into Windows. There are several factors involved in picking the correct path, including price, ease of use, and flexibility. One more thing… The Complete Guide to Managing Tasks in Things Video If you struggle to keep up with all your tasks, we can show you some organization tips that may help you. We put together a video that shows you everything you need to know about a task in Things: The difference between start dates and due dates and how to use them effectively.

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The filament is fed to the head by two indexed contra-rotating feed wheels which are powered by a worm wheel gearbox. This arrangement virtually eliminates the possibility of 'stripping' your filament, causing a loss of extrusion and poor print quality.

Pause and Resume. The filament extruder incorporates a closed-loop feedback system which monitors the motion of filament as it enters the extruder, giving it the ability to instantly recognise extrusion issues.

The software can pause the print if any error is found, allowing the user or firmware to rectify the problem without ruining the entire print. A long awaited feature on 3D printers is 'resume' the user can restart the print and it will continue from where it left off. Another first for Robox. Another problem typical of 3D printers is 'ooze' -the stringing and over extrusion at the end of a section of printing.

This happens due to the low viscosity of molten plastic. In most printers, this is solved by what is known as a 'retract', where the filament is rapidly reversed in conjunction with a very small melt chamber, however this is not always effective.


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