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Panic launches Coda with Dark Mode, new app icon and appearance, more - 9to5Mac

It used to be my fulltime job; now I code an in-house tool for Macworld, and I do some side Web development projects after hours. Coda dates back to , and it aimed to simplify the life of the average Web developer.

And it succeeded. It combined, in a single tabbed window, your code editor, your FTP client, your web browser, and the Terminal. When Panic formally announced Coda 2 , I was thrilled.

It was missing a couple key features, and I longed for some of those features literally every time I used the app. Don't be surprised if Coda 2's visual tab previews become a de facto OS X standard. Coda 2 lets you organize the different projects you work on as sites. The app started using my old Coda sites seamlessly. When you start working on site, original Coda users will very quickly spot some obvious differences. The app now uses a very cleverly implemented, resizable, visual tab bar: Your open tabs each get dynamic thumbnails and text labels, along with small identifiers that indicate file extensions when appropriate.

It works very well. If you prefer, you can make the tabs text only, which works fine, but the visual tab thumbnails actually make a much better use of space and feel far quicker to navigate. Another immediately obvious change is the redesigned sidebar, which still offers quick access to local or remote files, clips, and in-page elements, but adds numerous other options—including the ability to configure which of those options are always visible in the toolbar header.

Coda 2 can autocomplete your custom functions, and it supports code-folding for easier reading. One of the key places Coda 2 really shines is in its upgraded code editor. Beyond the aesthetic improvements, like better default syntax colors, the app is now functionally better at helping you write clean code faster. It finally!

The code folding is particularly powerful; you can fold individual blocks, all blocks at a specific level, all comment blocks, and so on. And you can unfold blocks by clicking on them or with a menu command or keyboard shortcut. General coding is improved in Coda 2, too. Bracketing, closing tags, and indentation all work much more naturally.

Original Coda users may need to unlearn some tics they developed for working around weaknesses in the original version, since Coda 2 generally behaves far more sanely when composing and editing code. Coda 2's MySQL editor is spartan, but it gets the job done. Coda 2 integrates other new features as well. A new integrated MySQL editor is fairly barebones, but it makes quick work of browsing or modifying tables and running queries. And the inline CSS editor, which combines the flexibility of hand-coded CSS with the power of contextual visual editing options, is remarkable.

Other niceties built into Coda 2 include an integrated version of the WebKit Web Inspector, along with the ability to view the fully rendered HTML source of a previewed page. You can also send Coda 2 previews directly to an iPad running Diet Coda. It just works. The list of features that I wish Coda 2 included is quite small.

Third-party plug-ins can add similar functionality to Coda, but those plug-ins will need updating to work with Coda 2. I dragged an older one in, and it caused Coda 2 to get stuck in a crashing loop until I manually removed the plug-in file. I look forward to when that site-wide code autocompletion feature gets introduced. But the list of features Coda 2 is missing is dwarfed by the far more impressive list of what it offers.

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