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Not to say the companies were doing this for charity. This was the beginning of all of them exploring how to commercialize the technology, and most of all Google. But it was perhaps not Hinton, but Andrew Ng who incited the company to become likely the world's biggest commercial adopter and proponent of the technology.

In 2011, Ng incidentally met with the legendary Googler Jeff Dean while visiting the company, and chatted about his efforts to train neural nets with Google's fantastic computational resources. This intrigued Dean, and together with Ng they formed Google Brain - an effort to build truly giant neural nets and explore what they could do.

Paid By Credit Card Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

Learn how to use Adobe redemption codes and product codes

Sign in or create an Adobe ID. Enter the redemption code, and then click Redeem. Make a note of the displayed serial number. The redemption code and serial number are not interchangeable. Ensure that you enter your serial number during installation. A serial number is sent to you within business days.

You can use the software for a limited time in trial mode. I have an active subscription. How do I use a redemption code? If you already have an active subscription associated with an Adobe ID, you can still use a redemption code. Depending on whether you redeem with the same or a different Adobe ID, your redemption code is adjusted in different ways. Choose the option below that applies to you: If your payment plan is Annual plan, paid monthly, Adobe stops charging your credit card after you redeem the code.

After the redemption code subscription term expires, Adobe resumes charging your credit card. If your payment plan is Annual plan, prepaid, the redemption code term is added to the end of the paid subscription term. If you redeem a different plan with the same Adobe ID: Your subscription runs parallel to your existing paid subscription. For example, consider a scenario where you have an existing subscription to the Creative Cloud Photography plan with 20 GB of storage.

However, you have a redemption code for the Creative Cloud All Apps plan. If you redeem with a different Adobe ID If you redeem a redemption code with a different Adobe ID for the same or different plan or product, your subscription runs parallel to your existing paid subscription.

If you purchased your subscription from a reseller You can purchase your subscription from any reseller that distributes Adobe products through redemption codes. In this case, your redemption works in the same way as the subscription purchased from the Adobe website, except if your payment plan is Annual plan, paid monthly. This plan is not sold through the reseller channel.

If you are in a country served by Digital River In some countries, Adobe customers are served by Digital River, an authorized Adobe reseller. Here is a list of countries served by Digital River. Do one of the following: Contact Adobe Customer Care to cancel the existing paid subscription before the auto-renewal date.

Twenty-four 24 hours after the cancellation, redeem the redemption code with the same Adobe ID. Redeem the redemption code with a different Adobe ID.

In this case, your existing paid subscription continues to renew automatically, and run parallel to the new subscription under a different Adobe ID.

If you purchased your existing subscription from a reseller not from the Adobe website , and received a redemption code in a country where you can also purchase directly from the Adobe website: Your subscription is extended if you have the same product, and redeem with the same Adobe ID.

You cannot purchase an Annual plan, paid monthly subscription plan from a reseller. Your subscription runs parallel to your existing paid subscription if you redeem a redemption code with the same Adobe ID for a different product.

Your subscription runs parallel to your existing paid subscription if you redeem a redemption code with a different Adobe ID for the same product or a different product. Can't locate your redemption code? Use the information below to find your code. Need help with finding your redemption code?

The redemption code is below the scratch-off foil on the back of the card. Find your redemption code in the email Frequently Asked Questions Looking for quick answers? Here are some common questions and solutions. My redemption code is invalid. Try these solutions: Make sure that you typed the code correctly. Redemption codes contain both letters and numbers. You could have entered the redemption code for a perpetual product instead of for a subscription, or for a subscription instead of for a perpetual product.

Be sure that you enter the code at the redemption site noted on your insert, card, or email. Go to Redeem a redemption code for Subscription retail products or Redeem your purchase for Perpetual retail products. Try redeeming the code from a different browser. Make sure that the code you are entering is a redemption code and not some other type of code. Other codes—such as a numeric UPC code on your insert, card, or email—are not your redemption code. To double-check that you do indeed have a redemption code, see Types of codes.

Access your account information. You may have your subscription or product available and registered in your Adobe account. You can try signing in with a different Adobe ID or get in touch with us for assistance. You may, however, need to activate your Creative Cloud membership.

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