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If you click Run program, Partition Magic can be installed to Windows 7 without issue. However, if you double click to start it, the program compatibility issue window pops up again. If you click Run program again, Partition Magic pops up another error window and asking if you want to fix this error. If you click Yes, another similar error window pops up, it seems to be endless. If you click No, Partition Magic reports "Init failed: Error Partition's drive letter cannot be identified".

After clicking OK, this program is terminated. Windows 7 Partition Magic portable? Norton PartitionMagic is so famous, so many people still try to find a way to use Partition Magic for Windows 7 computers.

Search by Google and you'll see many similar questions: Windows 7 boot manager is different with Windows or XP.

In addition, there are new file system, new technologies and new disk type added which Partition Magic cannot recognize. To modify disk partition on Windows 7, 8, 10, you need to find some alternative for Partition Magic. Partition Magic alternative for Windows 7 There are many partition management software for Windows 7 which are similar with Norton PartitionMagic, including free and commercial, Windows setup and Linux kernel based, of course Linux based software is not suggested.

How to select the right alternative of Partition Magic for Windows 7? There are several factors you may consider: Is it possible to install Partition Magic in Windows 10 or build bootable media? What happens if installing Partition Magic on Windows 10? There's no issue while installing Partition Magic to my Windows 10 computer, but there's an error pops up after launching this program - "Init failed: Error Partition's drive letter cannot be identified".

After clicking OK, Partition Magic is terminated. What about Partition Magic portable for Windows 10? Even if you can create such media, do not run it on Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista, because boot manager is changed and new disk type are added in these versions. Otherwise, it will cause system boot failure or partition damage.

Luckily, there's alternative of Partition Magic for Windows 10, to home users, there's even free edition. Considering compatibility, Linux-kernel based tool is not the best choice.

Norton partitionmagic 8 low price price

Or do you want to try Linux? With Norton PartitionMagic 8, you can carve out space on your existing Windows XP machine and install a second operating system on a new partition. Creating a hard drive partition divides a single, physical hard drive into two or more virtual drives so that you can have multiple file systems and operating systems on that drive. Normally, you can't change your drive's partitions without reformatting it and, in the process, deleting all the data on the drive. But PartitionMagic's wizardry overcomes this limitation, letting you make extensive changes without losing a thing. While we found Norton PartitionMagic 8 to be easy to use, novices should take care; one false step could cripple your system. A version for Windows Vista is not yet available.

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