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Batman was the police. In this case, it's IT. I don't believe that they can do it on time. I don't believe they can give me what I need right now, so I'm going to go vigilante and I'm going to set up my own things. I'm going to pay it with our own expenses.

" And this is what we're seeing quite a bit. SharePoint 2013 Not Keeping Up with the Times And at the same time, we're looking at SharePoint. even if you're on SharePoint 2013 and, man, I loved SharePoint 2013, but it's just not keeping up.

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New Concord, Ohio-based PendaForm Co. has designed a new pallet that eliminates the need for limited use wood pallets that then are sent to a landfill.

The pallets, which are constructed from 100 percent recycled material, allow the company to offer customers a buy-back program that gives them the option to turn in pallets at the end of their lifecycle for a credit on future purchases. Piazza Produce, Inc.based in Indianapolis, a zero waste company that achieved 90 percent or greater waste-to-landfill diversion rate by creating comprehensive recycling programs as well as commercial composting or organic waste products.

In May 2013, the company became 100 percent waste-to-landfill free whereas the remaining 5 percent of non-recyclable wastes are being submitted to a waste-to-energy facility.

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