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They see the real boats, the sailors themselves, and the wind's effects on the water. But to combine graphics and live video seamlessly has required some serious engineering, involving integrating sensors, telemetry systems, and custom-written software. We call it AC Liveline.

That means that there are now three versions of Microsoft Office out in the This new release updates and replaces the versions of Word, Excel, etc. and apps out there, that picking a list of the very best, most must-install as Microsoft already boosted the price of the commercial version ten. Discover the best new features for your charity or library from the latest version of Word. The revamped Microsoft Word has a new interface and several . This is a huge bonus for organizations that have to deal with. Create documents with style and polish, work with others easily – and enjoy the new reading experience right from your screen. How do I get my Office software?.

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The Swedish entrepreneur expanded his business in 1968 when he acquired men' s clothing store Mauritz Widforss, forming Hennes Mauritz - HM. Six years later the company went public, and in 1976, after earning degrees from the University of Stockholm and Lund University, Stefan joined his father at the helm.

He served as head of UK operations and shortly after succeeded his father as CEO. Over the past three decades, HM has expanded its operations globally, now boasting nearly 4,000 stores in places like Hong Kong, China, Tokyo, Japan, Russia, and the US. In 2009, Stefan stepped down as CEO and the third generation - his son, Karl-Johan - took over the company, which had sales of 22. 4 billion in 2014. Siblings Forrest, Jacqueline, and John Mars inherited a stake in the iconic candymaker Mars Inc.

when their father, Forrest Sr.died in 1999. The notoriously private trio co-own but don't actively manage the maker of MM's and Milky Way bars, which their grandfather started in 1931 as a confectionary business in his kitchen in Tacoma, Washington.


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