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Access is one of my important programs and would be lost without it. I was forced to after using the last license of my As far as the , I find that there have been substantial advancements from However, most are not what I need, but is more in keeping with the other present Office programs/5(93). Oct 02,  · When you see unexpected charges from or in a monthly statement from your bank, credit card, or any other payment provider, we want to help you resolve your question as quickly as possible. Before seeking further info or help, take these steps to compare the unexpected charges to your Microsoft order history. Nov 10,  · If you are concerned about the Validity of the Microsoft Office product that you purchased, we have found that more than anything else, where and from whom you purchased your product is the single most telling factor in whether it is Genuine or not. There are many legitimate ways to buy Genuine Office , I will try to cover most of them below.

Products What is the difference between Macabacus subscription plans? A Macabacus Modeler subscription provides access to our Excel tools, only, while a Macabacus Presenter subscription provides access to our PowerPoint tools, only. What is the difference between Macabacus and Macabacus Lite? Do you build customized solutions? We build customizable solutions designed to meet the needs of all finance professionals. However, if you have a suggestion for a new feature or how to improve an existing one, please let us know.

If your suggestion makes sense for our entire user base, we will build it into the product. This way, you can reap the benefits of a customized solution without paying a premium for it.

Will Macabacus conflict with other add-ins I have installed? However, you can easily deconflict shortcut keystrokes within Macabacus or the other add-in. There are no other known conflicts. Trials How do I begin a Macabacus trial? Download the full version of Macabacus not Macabacus Lite and install it. Enter your email address when prompted to initiate your trial.

No credit card is required. How long is the Macabacus trial period? Can I extend my trial? Macabacus may be evaluated free of charge for 30 days. Trials may be extended for potential enterprise customers at Macabacus' discretion. Email us to request an extension. How does the Macabacus trial version differ from the regular, licensed version? There is no difference.

The trial version is fully functional and offers all tools and features found in the licensed version. Am I eligible for a trial? The spirit and intent of the free trial, as with any software trial, is to provide prospective customers an opportunity to evaluate Macabacus prior to making a purchase.

Once your organization purchases Macabacus, no further evaluation is required, and your organization's current, future, and temporary employees are no longer eligible for the free trial. Accordingly, employees whose employers already have a Macabacus account may be unable to initiate trials, and the software will require activation prior to use.

Also, previously licensed Macabacus users not are eligible for trials. Licensing How does Macabacus licensing work? Licensing is per user. See our documentation for more information. Do you offer site licenses? No, per the FAQ above.

However, you can purchase as many licenses as your company requires in a single account. Can I use Macabacus on a work and a home computer with a single license? How do I manage user access to Macabacus? Users can be provisioned via our easy-to-use Admin Console. Where is your EULA? Our EULA can be found here. Pricing Please see our pricing page. May I have a quote?

Please generate a quote on our pricing page. We do not provide prorated quotes for purchases in the middle of a billing cycle because the amount due is based on time remaining in your billing cycle at the time of purchase, which cannot be known in advance. However, you can estimate the amount due by multiplying the full-year price by the number of days remaining in your cycle at your expected date of purchase, and dividing by Renewal quotes are provided using current Macabacus pricing, only.

If prices have changed but this change has not been applied to your existing subscription, the quoted amount may differ from the amount you are actually charged at renewal. If you require the quoted and invoiced amounts to be equal, your existing subscription must be updated to the current pricing. Do you offer volume discounts? Macabacus is already heavily discounted relative to alternative solutions, so we only offer discounts above 50 licenses. Generate a quote to see your volume discount.

Volume discounts are applied only at initial purchase and renewal. They do not apply to purchases made within the middle of a billing cycle. For example, a purchase of 10 licenses that increases the total to 90 from 80 would not qualify for a volume discount, but the subsequent renewal of 90 licenses would.

Do you offer student discounts? No—Macabacus is already accessibly priced for retail customers like students and discounted heavily relative to alternative solutions. If you are constrained by budget, see if Macabacus Lite meets your needs. Is pricing negotiable? Unlike most B2B vendors, we do not set our prices arbitrarily high to negotiate them downward. We aim to deliver value to our customers, not extract value from them. Accordingly, the pricing transparently available on our website is our "best" price.

However, we do offer volume discounts reflected in your quote and promotions like our Low Price Guarantee. May I have a coupon code? Sorry, coupon codes are not issued by request. Unless you received a coupon code directly from Macabacus, it is fake. Why must I pay extra for peripheral services like training? Macabacus' customers include both enterprises and individual retail customers. Enterprise customers often require peripheral services e.

To keep Macabacus affordable for our retail customers, we offer these peripheral services at an additional charge, a la carte, rather than bundle them with much larger licensing fees you pay other vendors. Purchasing What payment methods are accepted? Or, submit a purchase order and receive an invoice that you have 30 days to pay electronically "manual invoicing".

ACH debit is available only to U. Manual invoicing is available only for annual plans with a minimum of 4 seats licenses. See below for more information.

How do I submit a purchase order? For initial purchases using manual invoicing, use our online checkout to submit a purchase order "PO" by selecting the "Invoice" payment option. You can optionally enter a PO number here that will appear on your invoice.

For renewals, see this topic. We do not accept POs via email or vendor management systems like Ariba, Coupa, etc. This requires you to select a password that can be used to access and manage your account via the Admin Console, and passwords cannot be securely specified in a PO.

Manual invoicing terms Minimum purchase of 4 seats. Monthly plans are not eligible for manual invoicing. Payment must be made within 30 days by ACH credit or wire transfer no exceptions ; we do not accept checks. A processing fee applies to initial purchases and renewals that we must process manually.

Your access to Macabacus software begins when we process your order, not when payment is received. Direct sales, only; resellers should select another payment method. Upon payment, email a remittance notice to billing macabacus. Otherwise, your payment may not be recorded and your service may be suddenly suspended.

Macabacus is a subscription that renews automatically until canceled. As such, you will receive an automatically generated invoice at renewal, whether or not we have received a renewal PO from you.

If your last submitted PO contained a PO number, that PO number will appear on subsequent invoices unless you submit a renewal PO with a different number at least 48 hrs before the renewal invoice is sent. Upcoming renewal notifications are emailed 10 days prior to renewal. If this allows you insufficient time to prepare a renewal PO, be sure to track your Macabacus renewal internally rather than rely on our email notification.

Although not required, your order should specify a group email address to which billing notifications will be sent e. A subscription will be suspended automatically if any invoice related to that subscription is more than 10 days past due.

Your billing contact s will receive three late payment notices prior to suspension. If your subscription is suspended, you can restore access for your users by a submitting payment electronically, or b emailing an automatically generated remittance notice to billing macabacus. You can immediately restore access by paying your invoice with a credit card via your Admin Console.

Who pays wire transfer fees? Any payment we receive must match the invoiced amount.

Microsoft Office Access helps you track, report and share information using database solutions. Access provides a powerful set of tools that are sophisticated enough for professional Subcategory: Database Management Software. Oct 02,  · When you see unexpected charges from or in a monthly statement from your bank, credit card, or any other payment provider, we want to help you resolve your question as quickly as possible. Before seeking further info or help, take these steps to compare the unexpected charges to your Microsoft order history. Excel for Office Word for Office Outlook for Office PowerPoint for Office Publisher for Office Access for Office Office Visio Plan 2 Visio Professional If you bought a new Office product key card, or you This is a one-time process that adds your new Office product to your Microsoft account. After you.

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Software Verified Purchase This is a good database program, the easiest to use, at least for me, since I had to leave an early version of Paradox MDx2 - sorry behind. The version is quite different than my XP version, but, of course, the XP version isn't supported any more. Gotta keep the GNP up, and Microsoft's bottom line healthy. My only major complaint is that is sold by Microsoft. They have gotten everything now. Never liked companies like that.


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