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Business users can organize their daily targets according to a variety of criteria. You can adjust the route sequence number to fit their own needs entirely. Badger Maps will automatically determine the most optimal route and recommend driving directions. This means that you can base your scheduling according to real data, rather than guesswork. Sales reps also have the option of color coding their customer list and adding pushpin images on the map to make it easier for them to distinguish between different client types.

For example, you can mark initial pitch meetings with a blue pushpin and a follow-up meeting with a green one. You will spend less time trying to distinguish between the requirements of each meeting and have more time to properly prep for each one. The tool also provides managers with detailed reports highlighting any un-utilized leads, undersold accounts and dynamic property details.

It should help you find more. Sales representatives can use the Lasso feature to draw a circle over a particular area and you will get a whole list of potential clients to engage within that sales territory.

With the Places feature, you can find new leads and know exactly when to meet them. Automated Travel Records Maintaining logs is one of the most important aspects of the field sales process. Badger Maps can spare your team that discomfort through the check-n feature that takes automated logs when you go to a meeting.

You have access to valuable geographic data and visual representations of aspects like: Hours worked Route sheets Impact evaluation, etc. All this allows you to visualize better where you and your employees stand in terms of team and organizational performance.

It took me a minimum time to make an order. I called and asked the consultants to place my order and paid it with a credit card right after the order registration.

I received the activation keys and link for downloading of program in about 10 minutes by e-mail. Then I easily installed it. The license keys and files were delivered by e-mail. It takes little time 5 - 7 minutes to place your order and up to 10 minutes to deliver it depending on the speed of payment. I liked and recommend the shop.

I will also continue cooperating with this shop. I made an order online, but I mistakenly bought not the product I needed. I contacted the support service. They reassured me and took my purchase back. I am very happy. Besides, I was pleasantly surprised by the price.

Microsoft mappoint 2013 europe price

MapPoint support - when does it end?

Designer-Client …Could you give me a hand? Now Im using that Trial version of Mappoint Europe. I would like to create a sales territory map , customers map by zip cord and so on. I have a problem.

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