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BIllings Pro is a multi-user time tracking and invoicing application for the Mac and iPhone, with a simple Web interface for workers to track time. New in BIllings Pro is the addition of a web interface called Timecard. The synchronization technology is derived from Marketcircle's Daylite application, battle-tested everyday by tens of thousands of people. With these combined applications, Billings Pro provides small service-based businesses with users the best multi-user time tracking and invoicing solution available. Workers are able to track time from anywhere, at any time, from almost any device.

Buy Marketcircle billings 3 best price

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By John Martellaro Oct 30th, 5: Itis perfect for small businesses, freelance writers and Web developers, for example, and it exploits good Cocoa development principles. One of the key advantages is its ability to present a professional look to the client by virtue of the design of invoices. According to Marketcircleis CEO Alykhan Jetha, Billings was a natural follow-on to their flagship project, an opportunity and workgroup management program, Daylite, now in version 3. While Daylite is designed as a shared database program to track tasks, schedules, clients, and business opportunities, it can also be used by a single person. What it lacks, however, is the means to prepare professionally designed invoices that can create a very favorable image to the customer.

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