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I think if you want to use a laptop, the 2015 MacBook Pro is the very best option available. Better at this point than the 2016 MacBook Pro actually. I recommend NVIDIA cards over AMD, but you don't have a choice with a MacBook Pro and Apple has worked with Adobe on it so that it will be good. If you really need a laptop, then you will be happy with this one, but a desktop is far better for photo editing.

iMac or PC.

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Greatly discounted price symantec pcanywhere 12.5 cost

Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect's Editors See More Hand-Picked Deals Security vendor Symantec has advised users of its pcAnywhere remote control software to disable it, because hackers with access to the product's source code could exploit security holes identified in the application. The security vendor said at the time that because the code is old, customers running Norton products today should not be in any increased danger of cyberattacks. However, the company admitted that users of pcAnywhere, which has not changed as much as the Norton products over the past few years, might face an increased risk because of the leak. In a white paper published on Monday, Symantec revealed that encoding and encryption elements used by pcAnywhere to secure PC to PC communications were found to be vulnerable. If attackers manage to obtain the cryptographic key used by the application they can launch unauthorized remote control sessions and potentially gain access to other data stored on an internal network. The application's login credentials can also be intercepted with the help of a network sniffer. However, for this to happen, the attacker must already have access to the network via a malware-compromised computer or some other method. Symantec's white paper includes general and pcAnywhere-specific security recommendations, as well as links to instructions for disabling or uninstalling the product. In addition to being sold as a stand-alone program, pcAnywhere is also bundled with other Syamantec products like Altiris Client Management Suite version 7.

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