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Auto Analyzer scans through your clips, tagging them for quality and interest even utilizing people recognition to make it easy to find the clips you want when you want them.

Video editing When it comes to editing your movie Premiere Elements uses a sceneline and timeline like most other video editing software. There are a decent number of visual and transition effects to play around with. You simply drag and drop your chosen effect onto the preview panel.

Somewhat disappointingly motion tracking which was a nice feature of Premiere Elements 10 has now been removed from the package. New video effect features include green and blue screen options allowing you to remove backgrounds and place a person or other object on a totally new background. Another cool feature is the NewBlue Cartoonr Plus, which will try and add a cartoon drawing effect to your video.

Fix shaky footage automatically, adjust the color and lighting, trim your clips so you are left with your best footage and basically create the best movie you can from your own footage. One of the nicest features of Premiere Elements is the real-time video rendering that allows you to instantly preview any changes made to the timeline. Audio editing Audio balance helps to smooth out the rough spots in your soundtrack.

When you're looking to add music, the wide range of audio tracks that can accompany your basic video provide a more professional finished soundtrack. The SmartSound feature automatically adjusts your music tracks to match the length of your movie, and can even synchronize scenes to the beat. Performance When we tried the Adobe Premiere Elements software on our video editing project, we didn't encounter any problems with the performance of the computer.

The program itself is a little slower than some competitors, such as comparable offerings from CyberLink PowerDirector and others. Disc Authoring The Adobe Premiere Elements video editing software contains all you need to create a polished end product, allowing you to burn directly to DVD and choose from a variety of chapter effects, DVD menus and more.

The process of creating a final disc is simple to carry out. A useful addition is the 2GB of free online storage that will take care of your finished projects and photos. Ease of use Premiere Elements is aimed at users who want a simple drag-and-drop approach to creating videos. The entire process is streamlined so that you can easily find what you need, and most of the menus are options will be self explanatory.

If you're in a hurry, there's an Instant Movie mode which will actually turn out an excellent result for you. Simply choose your theme, choose your clips and photos, and the software will turn your content into a video that will look good and sound great as well. The interface itself is very polished, as we've come to expect from most Adobe products.

The time, thought and effort alone that went into creating this interface make it easy to figure out exactly where everything is, what you need to do and get through your project as quickly as possible. Tabs allow you to do most of the common tasks — Organize, Edit, Menus and more. Even some of the more high-end competitors, like Sony's Vegas Movie Studio, cannot compare in the areas of user interface and ease of use.

It also offers to Stack them together, so as to help organize tshe large volume of images that are typically shot at the same time. Visual Simularity Search works in the same way as the Object Search, although it analyzes entire pictures to seek similar themes and subjects. All of them help to cut down on time wasted on manual searches. Uet they they are essentially dumb features that cannot learn from user input.

In contrast, for some time now, Elements has offered Face Recognition, a feature that helps you keyword-tag your images. With Face Recognition, you learn from your own input which faces are good matches to names in your library.

The big change with version 10 is that you can import and leverage your Facebook Friends List. Then, as you tag pictures, Elements offers matching names from your Friends List when you type in names.

It also supported just about all the image and video file formats a consumer might need. Version 10 adds a number of new recipes of this kind. In version 10, these recipes continue in the tradition of providing guidance from which you can learn. The results remain fully accessible and editable in the Full Edit tab. In addition, Photoshop Elements has finally added the ability to fit text to a curve, shape or selection, thereby permitting you to use typography creatively.

The Rule of Thirds creates a nine-block grid, so that you can place important elements at the intersecting points. The Project tab is where you assemble video clips, photos and audio into movies.

The Disc Menus tab has templa tes for creating menus for the discs you burn of your video projects. In recognition of the numbers of people who are now shooting video using still cameras, Premiere Elements 10 adds more emphasis on creating lively videos based on still photos. The results are comprised on moving frames that zoom in on sections of a photograph, then pan to show other areas or the full picture.

Premiere Elements will automatically select all the faces in the photo. Those selections can then be used to create a very effective pan and zoom around the frame, focusing on individual people.

The new edition also adds color correction tools. Much more powerful — and more complex to use — is the new Three-Way Color Corrector which gives you control over the color and saturation of the highlights, shadows and midtones of an entire clip. By implementing the highligts controls, we could make a washed-out sky and other highlights in the clip appear bluer.

Premiere Elements is another Adobe product which is more like a younger sibling of And the best thing is, unlike its buffed up version (Premiere Pro), it comes with a For Windows user, you must have Windows 7 (with service pack 1), Windows or Windows 10 bit version. Adobe Premiere Elements Pricing Plans. Price: $ Adobe Premiere Elements [PC Online code]. Adobe. Windows / $ . Would you like to tell us about a lower price? . I have been using Premier Elements since , and I highly recommend it. However, the. Shop Adobe Photoshop Elements 10/Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Mac/ Windows at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in- store pick-up. Price Match I love alll the features and highly recommend the product.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 10 Review

If you're an amateur video producer or you're looking for something to help polish up your home videos then Adobe Premiere Elements is an excellent option for you to consider. Full review Premiere Elements is the streamlined version of the successful video editing software developed by Adobe. Premiere Elements has always received positive reviews from software critics and this latest version shows real promise with more effects, transitions and output methods. We took a look to see how Premiere Elements stacked up against the competition. Setup Adobe Premiere Elements utilizes an Install Manager, which makes it easy to download and install.


Adobe Premiere Elements 10 - Tutorial - Making a Video

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