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Assign the correct reading order by clicking objects within your document and dragging them into the Articles panel, under the corresponding Article section.

Multiple objects can also be selected by shift clicking the items in the order you want them to appear. Rearrange the reading order by dragging objects within the Articles panel to their correct location.

Adding Alternative Text Alternative text must be applied to images so that the information displayed can be described by a screen reader. Select the Alt Text tab. With an image selected, choose Custom from the Alt Text Source menu.

Enter the appropriate alternative text. The Object Export Options dialogue box can remain open while different images are selected, and alternative text assigned.

Under the Apply Tag menu, choose Based on Object and InDesign will automatically assign the tag that best corresponds with that object. Only choose Artifact if the object should be ignored by a screen reader. Anchoring Objects within Text Anchoring images as objects at the appropriate point in the text helps establish an accessible flow of content.

Click and hold the small blue box located at the top of the image. Drag to the point in the text that makes sense in the reading order. View the stacking order of documents on a layer by clicking the triangle next to the layer name in the Layers panel. Expand groups, buttons, and multistate objects to see the stacking order of objects and select them.

Just as with layers, you can move objects vertically within a layer to change their stacking order so that one object can appear on top of or below another object.

You can change the visibility of individual items on a page and lock or unlock them. Locked objects cannot be edited without first unlocking them. Color swatches have been added to the Control panel. You can still access from the Swatches panel any color swatch used in a document. Pouring content into your layouts is easier. If you frequently place many objects at a single time, merely select several items to place — either text or graphics — and put them on the page.

You can now more easily access the metadata and have it used as captions in documents.

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The ability to track changes to an InDesign document, for example, opens up new collaboration opportunities. Track changes to your documents When several people are working on the same document, determining what they have modified can be difficult. Adobe, borrowing an idea from Microsoft Word, now lets you track the changes made to the text of an InDesign document by each user.


Digital Publishing - Design Layouts, including Interactivity, using InDesign CS5 and CS5.5

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