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Adobe Illustrator makes it a breeze to draw in perspective. All it needs is to become familiar with the underlying concepts and the tools provided and you are ready to go. It is an extension of traditional perspective drawing techniques. Artists have the capability to define a perspective grid one-point, two-point or three point , define a relative scale, move the grid planes, and draw objects directly in perspective.

There are several operations such as Transform Again that honor Perspective and therefore enable quick drawing in perspective. The first step is to set up the Perspective Grid. The Perspective Grid tool in the toolbar is used for fine-tuning this grid though widgets provided on the grid. These rulers display along with the Perspective Grid. You can draw in Perspective using line group tools and rectangle group tools while the grid is visible.

Grid opacity can be controlled in the Perspective Grid Presets. Scale can be defined—to be used in displaying readouts to give the real world dimensions of an object honoring the scale of grid.

Text and Symbols can be placed in Perspective, text being editable using the button given in the Control Panel. Placing objects on perspective grid plane works for most objects except raster images.

Pattern-fills will not honor perspective. You can also do: Multiple bounding boxes are shown in case objects selected are at different heights even if they are in the same plane. Move operation with PS tool would work fine for multiple selections, i. Scale would scale the objects whose bounding box is used for scaling even when multiple objects are selected. This would temporarily hide other planes.

Changing plane in this state would bring that plane to appropriate offset. If nothing is selected on plane all objects would be copied else only the selected once would be copied. This would come only with Perspective Selection tool and not the grid tool. Moving a plane with Shift key pressed would snap the plane to the next available grid line. It works with all the Perspective aware tools and can be used to switch planes.

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