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Current Digital Edition Review: They strive to create those tools you need that may not be readily available elsewhere, or not available at a cost most can afford. Recently they have released a number of standalone utilities geared toward the more casual shooter and editor, such as DeFishr, a handy tool for removing the familiar fisheye look from POV cams like the GoPro. Figure 1 below shows the ReSpeedr UI with a shot already loaded a shot to work with in this review. Figure 1. The ReSpeedr UI.

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You can see that Apple learned a lot about how to make Mail quicker, faster to navigate and better to look at from making the iPad version. The default split-view is similar to the iPad Mail.

app, and to good effect. Mail is easier to skim, read and delete quickly, even across multiple accounts. There are very few things about Mail inĀ OS X Lion that are slower than the Snow Leopard version, but there are many things that make reading and organizing email quicker.


respeedr v1 2 family (Courtesy of proDAD)

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