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In contrast, most open source projects make it easy for users to communicate directly with developers, or-even better, in developers' eyes-to contribute code to the project to implement the features they would like to see. Is that so. Then what would you say about the backlash Lennart Poettering got for his improvement system d to the startup process for Linux. He even got death threats.

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So the next stop was getting Dave Moellenhoff on board. He had an opportunity with a small company, and he was doing some consulting for another company, in a very different space, and it was a debt arbitrage company that was later sold to Moody's, financial services, so a lot of cash no stock, so it was just a different kind of world. And part of it was Dave just being a little conservative. Dave was kind of playing devil's advocate with Marc, just more as an interview process for Marc. I was sold on day on.

I just thought this is going to be great.


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