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Having said that, if you've got some extra cash to spend, or you're intent on having the best possible setup to produce electronic music, you should definitely consider studio monitor speakers.

Don't let the name confuse you - they are called "monitors", but are in actuality just speakers (they have nothing to do with the display sort of monitor).

They are special speakers designed for audio production. Remember with headphones, how we said they needed to have a flat response. Exactly the same thing applies with studio monitor speakers.

Even more so, actually.

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In addition to universal binary support for Mac users, Dreamweaver adds more help for coding with CSS and Ajax, as well as extended Photoshop integration. Two years ago, our installation of Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 took only several minutes. In addition, installation required us to quit all open browsers and, strangely, even Microsoft Word. We should note that with our G5, Dreamweaver CS3 uses Adobe's custom installer application rather than the Mac-standard method of dragging and dropping. You'll also have to deal with an activation process--designed to stop bootleggers in their tracks--before you run the application. The overall interface should be largely familiar to longtime Dreamweaver users. This Web site layout application serves more Mac users, too.

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