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Choosing a contractor to remodel your home, or to build you a new one, typically follows one of two different paths. While the mainstream press often suggests that you get three competitive bids before proceeding with a project, around 90 of clients nationwide actually select their builder via a different path, usually referred to as a negotiated contract. You choose your builder based upon price and their performance during the bidding process (i.

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And that does fit with the books I love, and also, a genre that is more hungry. What happens next, if people have gone through this.

The reason I'm sharing this is there won't be many people listening who will be interested in this sub-genre. To be fair, it's not like military sci-fi or anything in romance. So what's next. If you've identified your sub-category, what do you do. Chris: If you think you've identified your sub-category, the next thing to do is to buy between three and five of the top-selling books, ideally books that are written by indies, and then read the books.

See what they're doing in these books, what tropes are they using, what conventions do they have to stick to. How long are the books, how frequently do they release, what do the covers look like, what are the blurbs, and just digest all the information to get a feel for how and why the books in that genre are selling.

Even if you don't consciously consider that when you're writing your own book, all that's going to lurk in your subconscious, and you're going to write something similar by nature.

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