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"The behavior this engenders, people do everything they can to stay out of the bottom bucket," one Microsoft engineer said. "People responsible for features will openly sabotage other people's efforts. One of the most valuable things I learned was to give the appearance of being courteous while withholding just enough information from colleagues to ensure they didn't get ahead of me on the rankings. " Worse, because the reviews came every six months, employees and their supervisors-who were also ranked-focused on their short-term performance, rather than on longer efforts to innovate.

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Use the information-rich maps to illuminate data connections, recognize business trends, and illuminate untapped opportunities. Take advantage of the trip-planning option to plan your destination routes and optimize stops, or plan out a trip on your PC and then print it out; you can even forward your route to your GPS device or smartphone. Fresh features include map settings that allow you to choose which items to display on your maps, plus extended and enhanced pushpins. Using Microsoft MapPoint users can tap into existing data sources. Use MapPoint to tell a story, visually, by inserting maps into your Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to illustrate everything from sales performance to customer locations.

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