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Playing copy-protected movies and music used to be another major Linux headache. Once again, that's no longer the case. VLC will run virtually anything you throw at it, while Chrome (and Firefox soon) support streaming videos from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. But standard PC usage for a lot of people revolves around the web-checking Facebook, slinging email, browsing YouTube and Amazon, et cetera.

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This latest version of the program introduces a number of usability improvements and new features, most compellingly the TrueTheater video correction and enhancement tool. On the other hand, the upgrade fixes none of the previous version's interface faults, such as its tendency to obscure tools when you run the program at less than full-screen. Since I like to multitask, these drawbacks have begun to grate on me a bit. I was pleased with the newly resizable panes for Media where you add files , Preview where you watch your movie , and Timeline where you assemble the movie in version 8's Edit window. Cyberlink nicely revamped the Produce window where you select the output format and the location as well. Formerly presented over a series of three step-through dialog boxes, all options now appear on a single page that fills the main window.

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