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Another blockbuster deal and a big win for Microsoft's online business is the Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) partnership. This one expands Microsoft's global reach, going deeper, inside the world's largest market: China. Microsoft has inked a search deal with China search giant Baidu, allowing the software company to bring its Bing search technology to all English language searches on Baidu's service.

The Baidu deal is a very smart move for Microsoft because of its massive reach and potential market. Baidu is China's largest search engine and it an increasingly force in the internet, the deal will give Bing the ability to compete on the same level as Google and strengthen its position as top technology company. Although the deal won't topple Google's search hegemony, it could somehow help Microsoft search business, increased it search market share and eventually take the chance of beating Google in the long run.

Microsoft isn't having the greatest possible success in its online business; the company has already lost billions of dollars in its online business.

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MLA style: The Free Library. Retrieved Feb 05 from https: Corel WordPerfect Office X6 continues a long tradition of competing with Microsoft's powerhouse Office suite by giving particular groups of users assorted features some new, some simply popular that they won't find in Office, while maintaining compatibility with Microsoft's ubiquitous formats. Its slightly lower prices for comparable editions don't hurt, either. For all the buzz aboutWeb-based productivityalternatives, many people and businesses are still more comfortable withdesktop software, and Corel clearly courts such users who are looking for a Microsoft Office alternative.


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