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Posted on Monday, April 10th, at Try as I might I could not get updated drivers for it so with Windows 10 I was faced with two choices, keep it running on inefficient and possibly insecure Windows 7 drivers, or buy a new printer.

If I had the option to subscribe to updated Windows 10 drivers from the manufacturer, would I have taken that choice? Probably; although shopping for new technology is so much fun. On a larger scale, organisations often face compelling events that force an upgrade of machinery or software that they rely on.

Perhaps the business or product becomes more advanced and existing hardware or software is not capable of the required changes. With software, it may not just be the line of business application that needs to be supported, but also the associated systems including the operating system and data platform.

If your application only runs on Windows Server , you are faced with the choice of upgrading the application along with the business changes that would bring, or remaining on an unsupported operating system and risk exposure to new security threats or falling out of compliance with regulations. Under our current model, every application is supported for at least 10 years: Adding premium assurance increases that total lifecycle period to sixteen years. Figure 1: Microsoft Product Lifecycle You can always check the support dates for your products on the product lifecycle page at https: One thing to bear in mind here is the ten years is at the latest service pack level for most software.

When a new service pack is released, SP1, SP2, etc. If this all sounds harsh, it might be fair to realise how much additional engineering and support resources would be required to support every service pack of every version of every product. Microsoft are not promising to support third-party line-of-business applications here, but the attraction of Premium Assurance is to provide additional breathing space to plan how to migrate off these older workloads. Figure 2: We obtained these via three licensing programs: Rule 1: We can disregard the licences obtained through Open.

Rule 2: Rule 3: It is not possible to add PA to just a selection. Figure 3: Let me explain why that is important. Our example server estate included a mix of SQL , , and If the and versions are also eligible for PA then they must be included. To cover a product version, Premium Assurance needs to be purchased before the extended support period for that version ends. The figure below details the extended support and premium assurance purchase periods.

Figure 4: Support timeline by product and version. But it allows the customer to lock a low price for all future purchases if they maintain Premium Assurance and Software Assurance.

Once customers enroll in Premium Assurance, they are entitled to the original purchase price even across Software Assurance renewal cycles and even if the underlying base licence price changes.

There are four levels of pricing, expressed here as a percentage of the base licence cost. The example shown below is for Windows Server Standard edition 2-core licence pack. Prices are illustrative. Figure 5: Premium Assurance price levels by time of purchase. Specifically, the new price list titles for these offerings are: There will be a software package that customers install on eligible servers to enable the provisioning of updates to those servers.

Like much of Microsoft Volume Licensing, it will likely rely on customer trust and the occasional software audit. To recap: You need software assurance on these products to be eligible to purchase Premium Assurance.

The support offered by Premium Assurance is intended to keep the products secure and compliant. There is price-tiering to encourage customers to subscribe earlier. You can add Premium Assurance at any time in your licensing agreement; mid-term or renewal but it must be for all eligible servers. We had a question via a comment on one of our SQL Server blog posts. Was it a reputable reseller such as Insight or Ebuyer? If you purchased the software through a site such as eBay, it may be that you were sold a pirated copy.

If you did purchase from a legitimate reseller, and was shipped a DVD in a box, then this is classed as full packaged product FPP and the product key to use on installation will typically be on a sticker on the DVD case.

It will be 25 alphanumeric characters in the form xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. In any case, your first port of call for help could either be the reseller you purchased this from or Microsoft support who can both advise you if the product is legal and legitimate and help you with the installation. You can download a white paper on licensing Microsoft SQL Server or of course look into attending one of our licensing courses.

Then we move onto SQL Server which always proves the exception to the rule. Just two subtle changes. This is a bit of an issue for customers; having the SQL workload remaining on the secondary server for so long before they could fail back to the primary active server. Microsoft are relaxing the multiplexing policy so it no longer requires a CAL for users or devices that access the BI server via a batch process.

Typically, yes they did. This is called multiplexing. Batch Processing for this purpose is defined as an activity that allows a group of tasks occurring at different times to be processed all at the same time.

Customers will still retain the benefit of installing and making available a cold SQL Server in a disaster recovery location. And for active-active clusters there are no changes; full licensing applies to all server nodes in this type of configuration just like it has in the past.

SQL Server provides the enterprise data management platform your organization needs to adapt quickly in a fast-changing environment. Standard edition is an affordable option for small and medium-sized organizations. It includes the core functionality needed for non-mission-critical e-commerce, data warehousing, and line-of-business $ Jun 17,  · to have an SQL Server Standard Edition Sngl OPEN License, you Need to contact Microsoft reseller in your Region and sign an open contract than with your Access number on VLSC you can download the SQL Server Standard Edition in OPEN License. thanks. diramoh. Buy Now! SQL Server Standard - 2 Core License Microsoft SQL Server delivers business-class data management for a wide variety of database applications, with reliable uptime, security, and ease of management. Hybrid cloud capabilities help to scale on demand, increase availability, and reduce costs. And when it comes to business.

SQL Server 2014

Microsoft® SQL Server Standard Edition

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