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Performance remained relatively consistent, though particles are abnormally taxing for Nitrous and the V-Ray Frame Buffer is especially slow to respond after interacting in viewport.

Iray is a physically accurate, unbiased renderer in the vein of Maxwell Render, utilizing Nvidia graphics cards with CUDA cores to accelerate rendering. It vastly simplifies high-end rendering. Mental Ray users will acclimate quickly, as physically compliant Mental Ray shaders are supported in place of the layered BRDF materials common to unbiased renderers. Limited video memory cannot accommodate complex scenes, forcing Iray to become a CPU-only renderer, and in that capacity I found it slower to resolve noise than Maxwell 2.

Similar to the V-Ray supported Darktree Textures, Substance is the first competitor capable of producing photorealistic procedurals — except these display impressively in viewport, in realtime. A license of Substance Designer must be purchased to create custom procedural textures. Mudbox interoperability is my favorite, with sculpting and painting translated near instantly into 3DS Max, texture and UV data perfectly intact.

Sculpted layers can even be translated as morph maps. Synchronicity has its limits though; increasing mesh resolution in Mudbox will see sculpted changes translated to the originally sent lower density mesh in Max.

Motionbuilder likewise offers seamless transfers. In one scenario I re-targeted a mesh to mimic another model and rig, clicked the Send To update button and the change occurred flawlessly in 3DS Max. Though on occasion, skinned meshes failed to update with a reposed skeleton. The Send To function for Softimage is more limited.

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With discount Autodesk 3ds max entertainment creation suite premium 2012 best price

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Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Premium 3D Graphics and Special Effects Software Review By - May 1, Maya has the promise of better workflows with faster exchange between packages, higher performance, and more tools than ever before.

But is it really the holy grail of 3D graphics packages? So, when Alias Wavefront merged its next generation technology into Maya… the animation world was excited. Since that time, Maya has led the industry in animation and special effects. Now an Autodesk product along with Softimage and 3ds Max , it would be a challenge for anyone to find a high-end effects studio without Maya as part of its arsenal.

Impressive history, but Maya has always had an issue: Its complexity. When you have the power to play god, and create entire worlds with your own rules of physics, and organisms, the complexity that goes along with it can be a little… daunting.

Maya is no exception. New Features In computer animation, rigging characters has always been a difficult task at best. Otherwise, this type of results could take many days. Mudbox… oh, how I love thee! Since the inception of Metanurbs in LightWave, and then Subdivs in Maya, Animators have dreamed of modeling in a computer using tools suited for clay.

Mudbox is a modeling tool that allows you to sculpt — not merely model, with an amazing degree of control. New tools UV-less painting for example enhance your creativity, and drastically decrease your creation time. Viewport 2. But something to really get excited about is editing motion paths, and their tangents without having to use the motion graph.

Graphs were cool in their day; but how many times have animators rendered out a project just to find that something they did in the graph editor led an object right through another object, or left it floating just above ground?

Now, animators truly have an interactive and intuitive interface to adjust motion paths! Maya is fully integrated. Sounds like a buzzword, right? Autodesk made the suite with the capability of instantly sending assets between packages. Send it to the Mudbox! Want to use the ICE engine in Softimage? Oh yeah… did we mention the suite comes with Softimage? Send it over! With just a few clicks, you can easily bounce seamlessly between packages. Now for the flip side. The documentation is woefully inadequate.

Even someone like me a user of Maya since version 1. In the distant past, Maya came with an entire shelf of books. Now, it comes with a PDF that reads more like a sales pitch than an actual help file. And thank the stars that the animation community has no problem sharing knowledge. So, problem solved. The only other major shortcoming animators may endure is that not all of the packages this suite has to offer cross over to all the platforms to which it is marketed.

Regardless, most production companies have at least one Windows machine somewhere. Maya is more than a collection of packages. The software is extremely stable, highly useful, and immensely efficient one of the systems we tested it on was a two-year old Mac mini! The bottom line: Tech Specs Software Packages in Suite: Immense improvements in the interface, dynamics, character animation tools, etc.

Autodesk usa. He also teaches computer animation, motion graphics, editing, videography, and web development.


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