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The presentation was understated, especially compared to the bold rhetoric that accompanied the launches of the iPhone "Apple reinvents the phone" and the iPad "a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price". Such brief retrospectives are de rigueur at major Mac OS X announcements, but long-time Apple watchers might have felt a slight tingle this time. The public "big cat" branding for Mac OS X only began with Jaguar ; code names for the two earlier versions were not well known outside the developer community and were certainly not part of Apple's official marketing message for those releases. Why bring the cat theme back to the forefront now? Want an eBook or PDF copy? Support Ars and it's yours. The answer came on the next slide.

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Head to Head: Mac OS X Lion vs Windows 7 | IT PRO

Apple OS X Lion It's available as a disc-free download through the Mac App Store, making even the delivery method one of the larger changes here. For the uninitiated, the whole process requires just a few clicks to go from buying something to installing it on your system. Once you download Lion, the installation is a painless process that should only last 10 to 15 minutes. Things were a bit less smooth when installing the operating system on a more well-worn MacBook. That time around, the installation process took closer to 25 minutes and required an extra manual restart to get things up and running more smoothly. Scrolling The first time you boot up Lion, one feature hits you before any other:


Is Mac OS X 10.7 Lion still usable in 2018?

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