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Against Several annoying issues remain unresolved New versions of Final Cut, in both Pro and Express iterations, used to be accompanied by the kind of dizzying excitement reserved for kids on Christmas morning. Each successive update seemed to usher in a wealth of new features, either ground-breaking in their capabilities or previously unseen in an affordable non-linear editing program. Perhaps such pioneering advancements in earlier versions have become the proverbial rod for Final Cut's back, but we can't help feeling distinctly underwhelmed by the recent Final Cut Pro 6 and this, Final Cut Express 4. Design and layout The application ships bereft of any kind of printed material, on a single DVD. Included on it is a PDF manual that gives excellent detailed instructions of every aspect of the application, but printing it out isn't a realistic option as it's well over a thousand pages long! The interface layout and design is almost indistinguishable from the previous version of Express, or the more recent Final Cut Pro 6. Complaints raised consistently over previous versions of both applications remain un-addressed. There's still no ability to jog through clips in the Bin windows using J, K and L keys as seen in Avid. Instead Final Cut Express 4 stubbornly retains the Scrubbing by Mouse' execution, which is both clumsy and frustrating.

Sep 28,  · UNTIL very recently, Final Cut Express has always felt like a superfluous addition to Apple's video editing family. With Final Cut Pro taking care of the upper echelon of the market and iMovie Author: Chris Jager. Welcome to our Final Cut Pro X review. If you'd like to read our thoughts on previous versions of Apple's flagship professional video editor, you'll find them on the second and third pages of 5/5(1). Final Cut Express is a discontinued video editing software suite created by Apple Inc. It was the consumer version of Final Cut Pro and was designed for advanced editing of digital video as well as high-definition video, which was used by many amateur and professional Cut Express was considered a step above iMovie in terms of capabilities, but a step underneath Final Cut License: Proprietary.

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