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Alien Skin Exposure X3 is released. Before that and you may have to contact support and ask for a curtsey. I was using X2 and now upgraded to X3.

I love that software and it is even better now with the new features. What are you doing if your lenses are not in the list? Have you already asked Alien Skin to add an item? They should add it in the next update. Yes you fill a support request on their web site and ask them to add the lens.

Already done, will see. Would be interesting to know more about their update schedule. But after a quick glance, X3 seems like a rather modest update to me. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it would appear that the biggest change is the addition of more organization tools.

My biggest challenge with the Exposure series is the "rendering" time; it can really slow things down. Its strength continues to lie in the wonderful built-in styles, now made even more interesting in X3 with the quad preview mode. FJWoods's gear list: I'm a long time Lightroom user but I'm tired of the subscription and disappointed in the Fuji raw file conversions.

I also use Iridient X-Transformer from time to time. I'll use this and Affinity going forward. If I convert my Fuji file with Iridient and then compare that result to what Exposure X3 does with the raf file I can see only slight differences when pixel peeping.

I am disappointed that there's no control over color luminance or hue, at least not control that I can find. And the lack of a tool for chromatic aberration is a bummer, but I don't use that often. The program does seem to bog down from time to time but overall it's pretty snappy. I wish I could find a support forum for the program. I'm gonna stick with it, planning to purchase it at the end of the trial as my replacement for Lightroom.

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Alien Skin Exposure X (free version) download for PC

This is an update to the existing Alien Skin Exposure X4 review, and includes the latest features in the X4. It started out as a Photoshop and Lightroom plug-in and can still be used in that mode, and as an external editor for Capture One , for example, but Exposure X has evolved so that it can also be used as a standalone program with its own integrated photo browsing and cataloguing tools.

Like Lightroom , Exposure X4. They include regular photo enhancement and retouching options too, such as curves, cloning and perspective corrections. Exposure X4. Exposure X4 works in a very different, rather clever way. The only danger is that if you use other software to move files, they might get separated from the adjustment data created by Exposure X4. If you have made adjustments, it is best to use Exposure X4.

A single image can only be in one folder, but it can be in as many Collections as you like. With these, instead of adding photos manually, you simply specific a set of conditions — a particular camera or lens, for example, or a particular keyword — and Exposure X4.

Otherwise, Exposure X4. Editing tools Exposure X4. It supports the vast majority of camera RAW formats, but you may have to wait a few weeks for support to be added for very new camera models. You can use Exposure X4 as a regular photo editing tool for curves, retouching, local adjustments with masks and, in this version, perspective corrections.

In this version, Alien Skin has added improved highlight and shadow recovering tools for RAW files, which makes it easier to extract the maximum tonal information from your files. Nevertheless, Exposure X4. But it does offer adjustment layers and masks for combining adjustments and effects. You can create as many adjustment layers as you like, and apply the full range of editing tools and image effects to any of them.

You can create layer masks manually using a brush tool, or with a gradient or radial mask tool. You can build your own effects manually from scratch, but the presets give you a useful head start and also give you ideas for ways to process your pictures that you might not have thought of otherwise.

The key to many of Exposure X4. This has three sections for Borders, Light Effects and Textures. The Light Effects tools have been updated in this version. From being simply a tool to make pictures look as if they were taken on an old camera, the Light Effects can now be used to add simulated window flare or a hazy low sun effect to any kind of picture to add atmosphere. Version 4. The big new addition in Exposure X4. Alien Skin has implemented LUTs support perfectly, right from the start.

With Exposure X4. The rest of Exposure X4. Individually, its adjustments can appear small and relatively insignificant, but cumulatively they can produce colour and tonal shifts of great subtlety. Lots of programs have the same or similar tools as these, but Exposure X4. First, Exposure X4 brought improved shadow and highlight recovery.

These are practically a must for fans of travel photography, architecture or interiors, as skewed verticals can spoil an otherwise great shot, and the difference between a beautifully captured interior and a snapshot is often down to the perspective control. You can use these to organise and find matching images in ways that would be slow and painstaking with regular Collections and Folders. At first, it looks like this is barely a feature at all, but as you dig deeper you uncover something rather interesting, not to mention powerful.

The bad news is that you will still need tethering software and a cable for your camera — so what have you gained? The less obvious reason for upgrading is that you get to stay up to date with the newest camera RAW formats.

That long list of enhancements in Exposure X4 does feel like it justifies the upgrade price. And with Exposure X4. Not sure what preset effect would suit your image best? Verdict As a photo organising tool, Exposure X4. Its strength, though, is its huge and evocative range of film-like effects and adjustment tools, and the subtlety with which you can combine them. Where Exposure X4. You can get the same tools and more for a good deal less money than this.

Where to get it, what it costs Alien Skin Exposure X4. You can find out more here. Alien Skin also publishes Snap Art, a plug-in for turning photos into authentic-looking art, and Blow UP, a plug-in for enlarging images without losing sharpness.


Alien Skin Exposure X4 - 6: Sharpening & Noise Reduction

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