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This is the week that I'll be putting the final touches on the website update so that you'll see site next week that will work properly on desktop comptuers, tablets, and phone.

You'll also hear a new approach same kind of content, different theme on next week's podcast. I described Muse in July and said that this relatively new Adobe application impressed me with its capabilities. There were some shortcomings, particularly with regard to text that you might want to use on various instances of a website -- desktop, tablet, or phone.

There wasn't an easy way to update text across those multiple instances. Now there is and there are several additional new features that might grab your attention as we approach According to NASA, engineers are working on new computer software that could improve flight efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of aircraft near airports.

The Dutch government is examining Facebook's privacy policy to determine whether it violates any laws in Holland. Facebook announced updates to its policies in November and said that they will go into effect on January first. Short Circuits: The Amazing Vending Machine of the Future: The National Broadcasting Company says that it will make more of its content available online. Other networks have sold online plans to subscribers, but NBC is taking another approach: You won't be able to use the service unless you already subscribe to a cable television service and can prove that to NBC's satisfaction.

Exposure 7 released by Alien Skin Software: Alien Skin has updated its popular Exposure product with new features that allow for non-destructive editing of raw images. This version also has new film emulation presets and some extra textures. I'll have a full review in January, but those photographers who always update Alien Skin applications will want to know about it now.

If you have a cellular data plan with a smart phone, you're used to the process of starting with a clean slate each month. Any left-overs are dropped at the end of the month. Now T-Mobile says that it will allow customers to carry over unused data capacity.

Falling oil prices and sanctions resulting from Russia's incursion into Ukraine are taking their toll on the ruble, which has lost half of its value against the dollar.

Solid-state drives SSD are showing up in more computers. If you have a notebook computer that was built in the past year or two, it either has an SSD or you had the option of installing an SSD instead of a standard drive.

Desktop computers increasingly have SSDs, too, either as the only drive or as the boot drive in conjunction with a large standard drive that's used for data storage. SSDs cost more per gigabyte than standard drives, but they're much faster. SSDs aren't bothered by physical shock the way standard drives are.

They're also physically smaller than standard drives, use less power important for mobile devices , and create less heat. There are rumors that they won't last as long as standard drives because SSDs can be read from indefinitely, but written to a limited number of times. I've been watching an experiment that The Tech Report has been conducting and it's very encouraging for those who want to move to SSDs sooner rather than later.

When a portable device breaks, we generally replace it because we think it can't be fixed. Nearly stores are now operating throughout the US and one is in Canada. If you can get past the company's exceedingly slow website, you might find some useful information. Chromebooks Take Off in the Education Market: In an earlier report about Chromebooks, I noted that the small and inexpensive devices seemed to be poised to significantly erode Apple's Ipad market share in public schools, kindergarten through high school.

There's evidence now that this is occurring. Social media sites such as Facebook are frequently used by crooks to distribute links to their malware. The ESET application will scan the accounts of Facebook users, identify malware, and then help users to remove it. Facebook refers to the program as an anti-malware initiative. I'm not entirely certain that this is a good idea. T Aims to Reduce Cyber-Bullying: How do we pronounce "STOP! Clearly, the embedded exclamation point is intended to be seen as a lower case "i" and so the pronunciation would be "StopIt!

T", which makes no sense at all. I'll just call the service StopIt from now on and we'll consider what the application does.

BYOD is an initialism that stands for "bring your own device" and it's making corporate IT managers crazy. In the dark ages of personal computers, employees brought in Apple II computers so that they could run VisiCalc. The users couldn't connect those computers to corporate networks and IT managers, although possibly frustrated by those "newfangled toys", didn't have to worry much about them causing trouble.

Things are different today. A Most Amazing 5 Minutes 22 Seconds: Spare less than one tenth of an hour to watch Steve Wozniak talk about the early days of Apple -- before Apple even existed as a company. Steve Jobs was the marketing genius behind apple, but Woz was the technologist who started it all.

Only on the website. I'm keeping an eye on Windows 10, but it's a challenge because development isn't far enough along for me to chance installing it on even a secondary computer such as a notebook that gets a fair amount of use. As a result, Windows 10 is installed only on an older bit notebook that had all but been retired.

And because I don't get it out very often, there's always a substantial delay when I do because it needs to download and install lots of updates and, sometimes, complete new builds. Deck the Halls with Caution and Care: This may be the season to be jolly and the season that many of us think about chartable giving. That means it's also the season that scam artists are looking out for their best interests. Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, but the crooks are still out there.

This is an easy season for crooks because we're all busy. Probably feeling a bit pressed for time. Looking for bargains.

But it's not a bargian if you get a great price but the "seller" never ships the goods. The C Drive is Nearly Full! The primary desktop computer I use displayed an ominous red icon the other day on the C drive. The boot drive is a solid-state unit that, at GB, is relatively small.

Still, it was suddenly down to only about 13GB free. Where did all the space go? The answer involved several big files and reclaiming the space was easy. Google's Android Support in a Single Word: My Nexus 7 tablet upgraded itself from version 4. Something went wrong, possibly an incompatibility between SurfEasy and the latest version of the operating system.

Maybe something else altogether. Regardless of the cause, I had a tablet that I couldn't use because it rebooted to an error message that said the user interface had stopped. My encounter with Google support was letter perfect. Weplan Plans Your Data Usage: That may be a bit of hyperbole, but the concept is interesting. I've downloaded it and I'll let you know what I think in a month or so. At the very least, it would seem that Weplan will provide a clear picture, after observing how the device is used for a month, that will show me exactly which applications are using how much data and whether the data is on the device's data plan metered or Wi-Fi essentially free.

Adobe seems to want photographers, designers, and other creatives to get out of the office and to that end they've developed a series of free mobile apps Apple IOS devices only for now that offer considerable functionality by themselves but really shine when they're coupled to a Creative Cloud subscription on a desktop machine.

Data Breaches Continue to Accelerate: This has been some year for data breaches and it's understandable for people to come away with the feeling that no information is safe anywhere. There's a difference between data breaches that may expose millions of accounts and what crooks can actually do with the information when they have it. More than 40 lawsuits have been filed in the US and Canada as the result of a data breach at Home Depot, a breach that exposed information about 56 million credit cards and debit cards along with 53 million e-mail addresses.

Malicious code has been found on research computers, government computers, and business computers, including those used in the telecommunications industry. Security company Symantec says it's been there since and it was planted -- not by Chinese hackers -- but by US and British government spy agencies. Fire Phone Fire Sale Part 2: Amazon's Fire Phone hasn't exactly been a success. More exactly, it has been a disaster. At full price, it didn't sell.

Perhaps they should consider hiring people to carry them away. Happy Thanksgiving although Canadians celebrated this holiday more than a month ago. This is the week that TechByter Worldwide is off a little more off than usual. I'll be back next week with the latest on Adobe's mobile apps and in December I'll have some thoughts about Windows For now, chow down on turkey, stuffing, and more.

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Alien Skin Exposure X3 is released. Before that and you may have to contact support and ask for a curtsey. I was using X2 and now upgraded to X3. I love that software and it is even better now with the new features. What are you doing if your lenses are not in the list? Have you already asked Alien Skin to add an item? They should add it in the next update. Yes you fill a support request on their web site and ask them to add the lens. Already done, will see. Would be interesting to know more about their update schedule.

But after a quick glance, X3 seems like a rather modest update to me. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it would appear that the biggest change is the addition of more organization tools. My biggest challenge with the Exposure series is the "rendering" time; it can really slow things down. Its strength continues to lie in the wonderful built-in styles, now made even more interesting in X3 with the quad preview mode.

FJWoods's gear list: I'm a long time Lightroom user but I'm tired of the subscription and disappointed in the Fuji raw file conversions. I also use Iridient X-Transformer from time to time.

I'll use this and Affinity going forward. If I convert my Fuji file with Iridient and then compare that result to what Exposure X3 does with the raf file I can see only slight differences when pixel peeping. I am disappointed that there's no control over color luminance or hue, at least not control that I can find.

And the lack of a tool for chromatic aberration is a bummer, but I don't use that often. The program does seem to bog down from time to time but overall it's pretty snappy. I wish I could find a support forum for the program. I'm gonna stick with it, planning to purchase it at the end of the trial as my replacement for Lightroom.


Could Alien Skin Exposure X4 Be The Best Lightroom Alternative?

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