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Layout and Usability With each new update in the last 28 years Adobe has improved Premiere editing software. As a result of an effort that took more than two and a half decades, Premiere Pro CC has an easy to use interface. Both Premiere Pro CC and Premiere Elements editing software enable you to use as many audio and video tracks as your project may require, although adding tracks to the timeline in Premiere Elements is only possible from the Expert mode.

Accessing visual effects and editing tools is as simple as it can be since each software has neatly organized toolbars and menus. Mac users may find Premiere Pro CC's layout a bit out of touch with Mac's usual look and feel, but this doesn't diminish the software's high level of functionality. Premiere Elements can be viewed in Guided, Quick and Expert modes, which is a great advantage for users how are just learning how to edit or need to complete their editing tasks as fast as they can.

Learning how to use Premiere Elements may take some time, but the software itself makes this process as easy and as fast as it can possibly be. Features and Capability When it comes to features and the overall capability of the software Premiere Pro clearly has the upper hand, since it supports a larger number of video formats and it enables users to import footage from literally any device that can capture any kind of footage.

Adding sound effects, visual effects or creating titles in Premiere Pro CC is perhaps the most professional way in which you can approach these tasks, although you may also need a professional level of video editing knowledge to properly apply effects or create titles. The 'Haze Removal' feature can be used to remove fog or smog from the videos and increase the levels of sharpness as well as the vibrancy of the colors. Part 2: Which version should I use? Although you can hardly make a mistake by choosing any of these two video editing programs, you should make your choice in accordance with your needs and the level of experience.

You should try Adobe Premiere Elements when: If video editing seems attractive to you, but you still don't have the necessary skill and knowledge to use the professional editing software, then Adobe Premiere Elements is the best choice you can make. The Guided Mode will help you learn how to combine video clips, trim them or apply visual and audio effects.

This video editing software is also a great choice for all users who simply need to produce videos on a consumer level. The Premiere Elements enables you to work with a number of different video file formats and you can easily upload your videos to social networks or video sharing sites directly from the software. Working with footage captured with professional video cameras may require a video editing software that is compatible with the video file formats produced by high-end cameras.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC supports almost all , if not all video file formats, which is a strong reason to use this software during the editing process. Furthermore, if you plan on distributing your films and videos to film festivals, TV stations or cinemas Adobe Premiere Pro is the right editing software for you.

The software may require extensive knowledge of video editing, but experienced video editors will certainly enjoy using this powerful editing software that can easily create breathtaking visual content of the highest standard. Part 3: The Difference Between Adobe Premiere Elements VS Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Elements is a beginner level video editor that users can make videos quickly with limited functionalities, while Adobe Premiere Pro offers more editing tools that you can make powerful videos if you are an advanced video editor.

For editing my little ducklings, I was on my own. The Sceneline interface consolidates all the tools you need to trim each video, and it add titles, transitions, pan and zoom, and music.

The new Sceneline interface brings all the needed tools into closer proximity with each other on the timeline in an elegant workflow. With it, you assemble multiple clips and photos to create a longer and more complex movie. This is basically a storyboard layout, a classic video-editing view that shows you each clip and image as a separate entity on the timeline. Storyboarding works well as an organizational tool, because it gives a macro view of how the movie is organized before you get too deep into the edit.

Guided edits Most Premiere Elements versions introduce several new guided edits. These friendly, step-by-step instructional recipes are videographer show-and-tells that instruct you on how to achieve special effects that most novices would have no clue how to accomplish.

This year, Premiere Elements has only two new guides, but they are distinctive and artistic if properly used. Not all videos will benefit from the guides, but the ones that do look outstanding. The transition image fades in over several seconds. Luma Fade transition: First and foremost, Luma Fade is a transition connecting two different clips together.

While Premiere Elements has a variety of built-in transitions, this effect is unique and dramatic, because it fades in colors from darkest to lightest in a still image derived from your video. Luma Fade is an inspiring and easy-to-use effect, but it works well with only certain kinds of videos. For example, it works for videos in which the second clip in the sequence features a close-up of a clearly defined face or object as opposed to a busy scene.

The transition is ideally derived from a still of the movie you're editing, but I often found myself experimenting with different still shots from the same shoot to try and get the transition to look more distinctive. When the transition is finished, you can reposition it slightly on the timeline for maximum effect. When this effect works, it's really nice. When it doesn't, your transition won't look like anything special. The Glass Pane effect is very cool, and you can layer different effects as it moves through your video.

Glass Pane effect: This effect makes your scene look like the action is seen through glass. Glass Pane is easy to use and makes your footage look more dynamic as it moves a special effect through the length of your video. There are four built-in glass effects, and you can layer as many as you want.

This effect is an acquired taste, but it's something you don't see every day. I combined five clips into a 2. Rendering speeds are nothing to write home about on Premiere Elements The app's universal Quick Export proved the fastest option for rendering: The HD Computer setting, rendering at 60 fps, took 4: Bottom Line Adobe is always judicious about what and how much to add to its consumer video app — careful not to break Elements while adhering to a fairly aggressive upgrade schedule with a new version appearing every year.

Adobe Premiere Elements augments some existing features, revamps a critical workflow and tops it off by adding some intriguing guided edits into the mix. As in years past, if you are happy with your Elements from the previous year or two and are not pining for the specific new features in this upgrade, you'll be fine sticking with the version you already have.

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Show More Deals We check over million products every day for the best prices Premiere Elements, Adobe's consumer video-editing app, has been a favorite of ours for several years. It's creative, friendly, easy to use and cross-platform, allowing video novices to edit with panache and quickly share smartphone videos with family and friends. This year's update, Premiere Elements , has all the stellar attributes of previous versions but with a couple of significant artificial intelligence upgrades. Adobe's consumer photo and video apps have remained the same price for many years. What's new For , Adobe has revamped the all-important Quick Edit mode with a simplified interface. Quick Edit now directs users to either the updated Smart Trim feature or the new Sceneline, a storyboard-style editing interface you can use to organize and edit multiple clips and photos.


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