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Thumbnail April 11, For the first time, developers now have the benefit of an integrated development environment IDE , combining the capabilities of Flash Builder and Zend Studio for rapidly creating Flex and PHP applications. Now, with a single code base developers can deliver applications for Android , BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS while sharing code from Web applications, dramatically reducing the time and cost of application creation and maintenance. Adobe Flash Builder 4. Using these newly integrated tools, developers will find it easier to differentiate their PHP applications by providing superior user experiences. The integration of Zend Studio 8 with Flash Builder 4.

Adobe Flash Builder for PHP includes an integrated copy of Zend Studio 8,a Tour de Flex is a desktop application for exploring Flex capabilities and. Knowledge of PHP and some Flex or ActionScript is required. Flash Builder co-developed by Adobe and Zend Technologies, could be one available for the gateway in order to communicate with your Flex application. Use Adobe® Flash® Builder® software to build mobile Flex and ActionScript ® applications for leading mobile platforms using a common codebase.

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 For Php Buy Now

Save the file and restart the server. You can download PDT from here. The beauty of using Eclipse-based IDEs is that you can install multiple products together in the same Eclipse environment. In this case, you have two choices: On my machine I chose the first option. When the wizard starts make sure you select PHP as the application server type. If you specified a port other than for XDebug in php.

Click Apply. Figure Making XDebug the default option Next, type browser in the search box of the Preferences window top-left corner , select the Web Browser entry, and check Use External Web browser option see Figure This will make Eclipse start the debugging sessions in the default web browser instead of the internal one. Setting up the external web browser for debugging.

The next step is to create the Debug configuration for PHP. Click the arrow next to the Debug button see Figure 12 and choose Debug Configurations.

Open Debug Configurations. In the Debug Configurations dialog box, select PHP Web Page node from the left panel, and double-click it to create a new configuration. For the File entry select the MyService. Click Apply and then click Debug. This is the script called by the Flex client when it uses remoting to call the MyService class. This script sets up some configuration parameters such as where the Zend Framework is installed, and then starts the Zend AMF remoting.

After using Resume, you should hit the breakpoint from the getData method of the MyService object see Figure These tools understand the AMF3 format, the messaging format used by remoting. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, I feel that the new features of Flash Builder 4 Test Operation and Networking Monitor provide similar functionality but in an integrated package.

As your projects grow in scope and complexity, you will be able to debug the Flex and PHP code more easily and at the same time. And of course keep an eye on my blog. More Flex and PHP articles will come.

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