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Upgrade price available from Adobe Captivate ( release) *Cancellation Policy: If you cancel within the first 14 days, you will get a full refund. It gives you ongoing access to the software for a low monthly fee, as well as access to all upgrades at no additional charge as long as your subscription remains active. Team Subscription. Stay ahead of the curve. Join the Adobe eLearning Community to know what’s the latest and greatest with Adobe Captivate and eLearning. Adobe eLearning Community is a platform to connect with your peers, engage with experts, and pick top Adobe brains on just about anything related to eLearning. Adobe Captivate Prime is a Learning Management System (LMS) from Adobe. Learn more in Adobe Captivate Prime Help. The Adobe Captivate Draft app for iPad lets you easily create e-learning content on the go. Learn how to download the app and get started with your first project. What is the difference between Captivate and Presenter?

History[ edit ] While the product started out as a pure screen recording utility known as Flashcam Nexus Concepts , it evolved into an E-learning authoring tool after San Diego -based eHelp Corporation acquired Flashcam and released it as RoboDemo. Eventually, software firm Macromedia acquired eHelp to gain RoboDemo. Shortly before Adobe Systems acquired Macromedia, they changed the name of the product to Captivate. Versions[ edit ] This article is in list format, but may read better as prose.

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March Adobe Captivate release August The release of Adobe Captivate adds new features including creating Virtual Reality VR projects for immersive eLearning, creating interactive videos for your demos, enhancements to Fluid Boxes, Live Device Previews for your VR projects and responsive courses, smart video recording that includes your webcam feed, and converting your PowerPoint presentations to responsive projects.

Adobe Captivate release April The release of Adobe Captivate adds new features including improvements in responsive design through the use of Fluid Boxes and text scaling, the ability to save legacy non-responsive projects as responsive, integration of Adobe's Typekit to increase the range of fonts available to users, and the ability to customize closed captioning Adobe Captivate 9 August Adobe Captivate 9 adds new features including multi state objects, improved effects and motion paths, creating a content draft on an iOS device, and publishing to the new Adobe LMS known as Captivate Prime.

Adds the integration of eLearning Brothers Templates. Enhanced accessibility support. Interactions library. Available as a stand-alone product or as part of the Adobe eLearning Suite 2. Features include a new GUI similar to other Adobe CS family products, built-in animation effects, extended Microsoft PowerPoint support, extended video embedding and control it functions similarly to audio in older versions , master slides and object styles.

Developers are able to publish their content to Acrobat. Adobe Captivate 5 is available separately or as part of Adobe eLearning Suite 2. This version has features for collaboration, extends Adobe Captivate and interacts with other Adobe products like Bridge, Soundbooth, Photoshop, Adobe Device Central, etc.

This version has an Adobe Captivate logo preloader added to the beginning of all simulations, but this can be changed to a generic preloader. It would eventually be included in the Adobe Technical Communication Suite.

Adobe Captivate 2 October New features included branching view, simulation wizard, library, interaction dialog, zoom, skins and menus, Flash Video FLV support, export to Flash 8, step-by-step documentation output, customization options, and PENS. Macromedia Captivate October New features included timeline, audio editing, demonstration and simulation recording modes, customizable quiz questions, export to Flash MX , smart full motion recording, compliance, SCORM , and Breeze integration.

Adobe captivate 8 low price price

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