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Tweet About Acronis Software Everyone needs a back up plan. If your files get lost, your system gets corrupted, or you get physical damage to your hardware, it could mean losing hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars of information. In the worst case scenario, you could lose financial details and projects that take months to put together and store. Instead of wishing it hadn't happened, you could do the smart thing now with a program like Acronis True Image. True Image is more than just your basic data back up and storage utility; these days, people are using mobile devices that need back ups, and solutions that can give them remote sync and cloud capabilities.

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That's right: I just called True Image "easy to use. Even the help file is friendlier. Combine the program's nascent sociability with new features--such as One-Click backup, nonstop backup, and online backup--that are actually of use to the average customer, and is easily the best update to the program in years. One-click backup is designed to allow less-experienced users to back up as quickly as possible. After you double-click the One-Click icon the installation places it on your desktop , the program searches for the best location for an initial full backup and performs it.

Its location choices were intelligent. With a nonpartitioned drive attached to the system, True Image created a Recovery Zone partition Acronis's hidden partition for disaster recovery without a boot disc. When I prepartitioned the same drive as E: When no hard drive had enough room attached, the program detected that and started a backup using my DVD burner. Nonstop backup is a background process that creates a baseline image backup, then checks every five minutes to see if your data has changed; if it has, the process creates an incremental backup.

Nonstop backups are stored in a hidden folder called Time Explorer Storage, and the restore feature is called Time Explorer, which rather obviously brings Apple's Time Machine to mind. Both the procedures for restoring and the timeline control at the bottom of the window are very reminiscent of the Mac app. The feature requires quite a bit of disk space, but that's to be expected. Though you're not forced to do so, you should probably dedicate a large external drive to the feature.

To use Acronis's online backup service optional, but integrated with True Image , you must sign up at the company's Web site ; it's an easy process that doesn't require a great deal of personal information.

A free 2GB account is available for three months, but after that you must pay. The online backup is file-based, not imaging-based, and is intended to back up your data, not whole partitions, which would generally require far too much space. This is the first upgrade to True Image I've seen in a while that didn't have "must maintain revenue stream" tattooed all over it.

There may still be a few bugs I haven't spotted yet in this new version, but so far it has proved stable, as well as a most satisfying improvement. A day trial on the company's Web site lets you take a pain-free look-see. Jacobi Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. At a Glance Acronis True Image Home This latest version of the venerable imaging software has a vastly improved interface and compelling new features.

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